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(a) Experimental and (b) theoretical AES of atomic Ga

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posted on 2013-08-22, 00:00 authored by D Anin, S-M Huttula, M Huttula

Figure 2. (a) Experimental and (b) theoretical AES of atomic Ga. The uppermost solid black line in panel (b) is the overall predicted spectrum. The (red) dashed line depicts the contribution for Auger decay to 3d84s24p, (green) dotted line for 3d94s4p and (blue) solid line for 3d94s2 final state configuration.


The 3p photoionization and subsequent Coster–Kronig type of Auger decay of initially neutral atomic gallium were studied both experimentally and theoretically. The binding energies and relative intensities of the 3p photoelectron spectrum together with a satellite structure are given. The M2, 3MM and M2, 3MN Auger electron spectrum leading to doubly ionized final states is presented. The synchrotron radiation excited photoelectron and Auger electron spectra were interpreted using multiconfiguration Dirac–Fock calculations providing spectral identification for the main observed features.