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Reflectivity in the presence of the oscillation for ω = 0.5 ωin

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posted on 27.06.2013, 00:00 by Benedikt Herwerth, Maarten DeKieviet, Javier Madroñero, Sandro Wimberger

Figure 4. Reflectivity in the presence of the oscillation for ω = 0.5 ωin. The reflectivity for the central peak R0 and the two side peaks R−1 and R1 is shown, together with the reflectivity for the non-oscillating surface for comparison (dashed line). To calculate the R−1, R0 and R1, 60 calculations between two subsequent maxima in the reflectivity as a function of x0 were carried out in the range 3.7 × 10−10 m < x0 < 7.3 × 10−10 m for each velocity. Inset: reflectivity for the non-oscillating surface (dashed line) and total reflectivity Rtot for the oscillating surface (filled circles).


We describe an experimentally realistic situation of the quantum reflection of helium atoms from an oscillating surface. The temporal modulation of the potential induces clear sidebands in the reflection probability as a function of momentum. These sidebands could be exploited to slow down atoms and molecules in the experiment.


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