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Experimental (a) and theoretically predicted (b) 3d photoelectron spectra of atomic gallium

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posted on 2013-08-05, 00:00 authored by D Iablonskyi, K Jänkälä, S Urpelainen, M Huttula

Figure 2. Experimental (a) and theoretically predicted (b) 3d photoelectron spectra of atomic gallium. The black and grey vertical bars correspond to resolved photoelectron lines from 2P3/2 and 2P1/2 initial states, respectively. The peak labels refer to table 1. Calculated energies are shifted by +2.290 eV to align the first peak with experiment.


We present an experimental and theoretical study of 3d photoionization and subsequent Auger decay of atomic gallium. The synchrotron radiation-induced electron spectra have been compared and analysed using multiconfiguration Dirac–Fock calculations. It has been shown that the theoretically predicted photoelectron spectrum is in rather good agreement with the experiment allowing us to identify the main spectral features. However, prediction of the Auger decay intensities fails due to calculational difficulties for the continuum wavefunctions of very low kinetic energy Auger electrons.