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Resonant energies Edi and natural widths Γd (in eV)

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posted on 07.08.2013, 00:00 by L C Gao, D H Zhang, L Y Xie, J G Wang, Y L Shi, C Z Dong

Table 2. Resonant energies Edi and natural widths Γd (in eV). The numbers in brackets are the experimental errors.


Photoionization (PI) cross sections of the ground state 1s2 2s2 2p61 S0 of Ne-like Ar8+, Fe16+, Kr26+ and Xe44+ ions are calculated by using the Dirac atomic R-matrix code based on a fully relativistic R-matrix method. To analyze the detailed resonant structure, systematical calculations based on the multiconfiguration Dirac–Fock method are performed for the dominant 2s → np resonant transitions, and the resonant energies, strengths and total natural widths are presented. The resonant structures and characteristics of the PI cross sections and resonance strengths along the Ne-like sequence are discussed with emphasis on the influence of relativistic effects. For the Ar8+ ion, good agreement is found between the present results and available theoretical calculations and experimental data.