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Computed oscillator strengths and transition probabilities in Pr IV

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posted on 2013-07-05, 00:00 authored by S Enzonga Yoca, P Quinet

Table 5. Computed oscillator strengths and transition probabilities in Pr IV.


Transition probabilities and oscillator strengths for electric dipole radiation in triply ionized praseodymium are reported for the first time in this paper. They were computed using a semi-empirical relativistic Hartree–Fock approach including core-polarization effects. Due to the lack of experimental data in the Pr IV spectrum, the accuracy of our results is estimated and discussed on the basis of comparisons between calculations performed with a similar physical model and laboratory measurements previously published for the isoelectronic ion Ce2+. In view of their great interest in optical materials and nanophotonics, radiative rates for forbidden lines within the 4f2 ground-state configuration of Pr3+ were also calculated in our work.