Transition probabilities of Re II spectral lines

<p><b>Table 1.</b> Transition probabilities of Re II spectral lines. The names adopted here for the levels are those of NIST; thus, sequential numbers are assigned instead of term designations for those levels that have no meaningful names. The experimental values obtained in this work are compared to those from [<a href="" target="_blank">24</a>] and to the theoretical values from [<a href="" target="_blank">20</a>].</p> <p><strong>Abstract</strong></p> <p>Experimental transition probabilities for 37 spectral lines of Re II (15 measured for the first time) have been obtained from a plasma produced by ablation of a Zn–Re alloy with a Nd:YAG laser. The plasma evolved in air at atmospheric pressure, and measurements were performed for the following plasma parameters: an electron density of (1.27 ± 0.19) <b>×</b> 10<sup>17</sup> cm<sup>−3</sup> and an electron temperature of 11 200 ± 400 K. The relative intensities were placed on an absolute scale by the combining branching fractions with the measured lifetimes and by comparing well-known lines using the plasma temperature. Some plasma parameters, such as the temperature and the electron density, were also obtained to provide a local thermodynamic equilibrium environment and an optically thin plasma. Comparisons were made to previously obtained experimental and theoretical values wherever possible.</p>